And the day is thrusday

So this is my sunday. I don’t want to go back to work tomorrow. I am very glad that I have my weekend in the middle of the week. Being that it allows me to do my errands to places that are not open on Saturdays. Like today I have to take my car to the tag agency and get the Texas plates replaced, now that I have power of attorney for the car. I don’t mind having my tx tags but I’m tired of being pulled over by the Oklahoma cops and asked what I’ve been drinking. Really. I’m serious they pulled me over after I
as coming home from a donut shop. I started off and told him only if he considered drinking a pint of milk was drinking. He just looked at me little sho ked that he got talked backed to. These cops up here are crazy. They will follow you for no reason if you have out of state plates. They ignore the people that have Oklahoma plates when they breaking the law. Yeah I live in a fucked up state. I still think its funny that I shocked a cop though.
Sigh off for now. Need to fold clothes and get to the tag agency.


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Oh how I love rainy days

So its a lovely rainy day. We haven’t had a good soaking rain in so long, that the ground has cracked in the back yard. We need this so badly.
The weather has made me want the clean.  I just hope that this rain pulls the ragweed out of the air and I start feeling better.
Now that I have been getting my things and head back together, I can talk about what is happening to me.  I have been dealing with depression for many years, and finally took care of it this year. People have always told me that I was bipolar. Which is not true, it has been hard to have to deal with my issues by myself. Since I left the ex and started to put myself back together, with the help of my mother. I realized that it was taking a toll on her and jellybean. My mood swings were something horrible, and would wish them on no one.  Thankfully my doctor that I found in Oklahoma put me on meds that even me out. She also gave me the option to raise or lower at will. Much love to that woman.
So now that I have the ability to update wordpress when I feel, I may be posting more often. Much love to all.

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ok so many years ago

So I told you all that I would post something about what was going on in my life. Well for the fact that I getting a divorce and did not want to have legal repercussions due to an online blog. I will be updating more often now. Since my last post was in 2010 I had to reset my password. LOL I can’t believe I forgot it.

Its been a long road for me. took two years for this divorce to go thru, and shame on the ex-husband for draging it out. I have custody of Jellybean, and if I can get her to act the way a little girl should I will be the happiest mom in the world.

Until I get back into the swing of things. I will keep this short. Much love to my readers. Thank you for sticking around.

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And a Happy Christmas to you

I have been doing well these past few months. I can’t go into a lot of things being that it would make it a lot worst for me, but I can tell you Jelly and I are doing well.

So in other news I have been playing this online game called Evony, it’s really turned into Farmville and I’m getting fed up with it. For a war game it was fun in the beginning and now its just turned into a chore. I’m thinking of resetting it and looking for something new, but you know me I need to be socialized and I’m not really ready to give it up. LOL.

Now for me, I have been trying to take care of myself like the doctors want me to but really does anyone do all of what the docs tell them to do.  I doing my best for what I have to work with so that’s the best it gets right now, or at least till it starts to warm back up and I can start hooping again. So that’s my life as of yet. So I guess I will see everyone later.

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but really I just like the ice cream.

only real weakness is Amy's Ice Cream

So really they have had this sign outside the shop for about a month now and friday was the first time I thought about taking a picture of it. Sorry Kirk.

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WTF Happened.

So, like many others I have moved over here from Vox. Silly me hasn’t been checking my email lately, so I didn’t know about the shut down till almost the last minute. I’m still trying to piece together this site the best I can, being that I’ve never used WordPress before. So being that this is a new site for me and we are coming up on a new year I will try my best to keep updating this one. Thank you for bearing with me.


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The little things I see.

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